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Verification and Re-verification at 34 MCM offices

Owners of weighing and measuring instruments can bring their instruments personally or through their agents such as weighing and measuring instrument repairers to any of MCM 34 offices for verification of the new equipment as well as re-verification of their instruments when the effective date is about to expire. MCM will endeavor level best to do the verification or re-verification.

Verification and Re-verification at Customer Premises

For heavy weighing and measuring instruments not moveable, our staff will undertake the services upon receiving official request from the owner or their agent. MCM will response immediately or on the next working day after receiving the official request. MCM will endeavor to do the verification or re-verification not later than 5 working days after receiving the official request. Examples of such instruments are the weighbridges in factories and pumps at petrol station.

Verification and Re-verification on Special Request

MCM also undertake to do the services at owner’s premises for small and light but highly sensitive weighing and measuring instruments.

Stamping Station

MCM will visit at pre-determine dates to do the services for the convenience of the owners of weighing and measuring instrument for suburban, villages and islands.

Issuing of Certificate

A certificate will be issue to every instrument having passed the necessary verification or re-verification tests signifying the instrument is fit for trade used.

Test Report

Upon request, Test report on the weighing and measuring instrument calibrated will be issued.

Government Equipment

MCM also undertake the services for all weighing and measuring instruments belong to the federal government, state government, municipalities and local councils


This policy aims to encourage Metrology Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd citizens, the public, suppliers, contractors and other Third Parties to report any violations of conduct and acts of corruption whether they are ongoing, suspected to occur or have occurred (including any wrongdoing law, misconduct and abuse of power or misappropriation) to a designated channel without fear or apprehension.


To make the policy and goal of Metrology Corporation Malaysia Sdn Bhd to implement the verification services of all scales and measurements correctly, honestly and ethically and improve efficiency from time to time.


This policy is implemented for the purpose of requiring Metrology Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd employees to comply with the procedure when giving or receiving gifts and hospitality from Third Parties


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